Podiatry fitting as an expert-led service.

The footwear buying consumer is now more isolated and adrift than ever before in modern human history. Assume your feet will change,  and normal shoes don’t apply any more. Then assume the advice has all but  disappeared.  That’s where I step in (ahem).

I NEVER giving out medical advice.

I’ve always striven to be the best interface between you and a medical professional.  Podiatry is a skill set and so is expert podiatry footwear. Keep them separate and beware establishments that blend the two. Don’t be fooled by standing on a ‘glorified I-Pad’, you’ll get an OK insole but its NOT podiatry!

Only sourcing the best comfort footwear

After many years, it becomes easier to distinguish the pretender brands from the truly well crafted. There are hundreds of brands that will stick bad science, or worse, masquerade as good podiatry footwear. My job is to insulate you from the shoddy, the badly conceived and the short-lived.

I have 4 strict  quality  and construction expectations from my footwear:

  • 1.Hand-made: Doesn’t cost thousands but lasts 5-8 times longer on average.
  • Orthotic friendly: These shoes are built deeper, on purpose.
  • Rubber Soled: 95+% of all footwear is plastic
  • Three types of supportive : sole, inside edge and heel. All three things are needed but often left out of lesser footwear